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Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

June 29, 2010 in Artwork, Events, Exhibition, Germany, News, Personal by Leo

8th Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

8th Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

This Sunday, the fourth of July is the 8th Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery in Berlin and for myself the third time I’ve participated with my artwork. My friend and colleague Micha Colory Krebs will also be at the festival also.

The faux medieval bridge over the River Spree that runs through the heart of Berlin, is closed off on Sunday to accommodate 100 artists and their artwork. The event always pulls large crowds usually totally about 20,000 for the day. With such large public attendance its reputation has been spreading far and wide.

I will heading down to the bridge early on Sunday to set up a stand. It takes a little while as everything has to be secured against the wind. I will be taking a couple of my studio easels so I can display more of my paintings.

I will be bringing my latest artworks, as well as a few older ones that are still to be found hanging on my studio walls and are in need of new homes.

The weather bureau is predicting hot and sunny weather, so it should make a great day out for visitors.

The event opens to the public at 10am and finishes at 10pm. So there’s ample time for you come by and visit me on the bridge.

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Book – Imagination the Imagination – has arrived

March 1, 2010 in Book, News, Publications by Leo

Leo Plaw in his studio with the book Imagine the Imagination

In my studio with the book "Imagine the Imagination".

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been watching artists posting images of their copy of the book “Imagine The Imagination – New Visions of Surrealism”, that included their artwork, to various websites. I was becoming impatient to see the book as even a collector of mine had a copy of the book before myself. As of yesterday, the wait was finally over and the book arrived in the post.

The book is solid and the printing is of good quality. Many artists included in the book, I’ve come into contact with through the internet. And amongst those are some good friends. The book project started off on a surrealism group which includes artists from all over the world.

The photo which accompanies this article is of me with the book and the original painting “Something Fishy”, which is included in the book. Thank you to Paul Barnett for taking time out from his own painting to come up to my studio and shoot the photo for me.

Imagine the Imagination can be purchased from

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Imagine The Imagination – New Visions of Surrealism now available

February 12, 2010 in Book, News, Publications by Leo

Imagine The Imagination - New Visions of Surrealism

Imagine The Imagination - New Visions of Surrealism, availbe for purchase now!

I just received the great news that the book “Imagine The Imagination – New Visions of Surrealism”, in which my painting “Something Fishy” is now finally published and available for purchase.

The book aims to show the variety of contemporary surreal art including almost 100 works in different media: traditional painting and drawing, digital painting, fractals, photo manipulation, photography, mixed media, sculpture, traditional prints, and more. The collection will be classified in 3 groups: Visions, Dreams and Nightmares.

There is also discussion of a possible exhibition of the included artists, either at the Berlin or Poznan, Poland Abnormals Gallery. Some of my artist friends have also made it into the book. The artists included in the book are as follows:

Mr. Borda Danut Adrian, Reinhard Schmid, Jason Hopkins, Amy Kollar Anderson, Scott Façon, Andy Brady, Livia Alessandrini, Arif Bahtiar, Steve Smith, Terevet, Mariana Paola Urzua (Mariana Palova), Bogdan Zwir, Janelle McKain, Nicolas Tcherno-Ivanenko (Naiko), Bernard Dumaine, NoMe Edonna, Ehsan S. Azzuz, James I. Koehnline, Stepan Sergeevich Radibog (neonihil), Alessandro Fantini, Sal Hunter, Robert Steven Connett, Paul Flockhart, Lucian Stanculescu, Aleksander Marek Korman, Max Sauco, Manon Gosselin, David Whitlam, Szymon “Anapt” Siwak, Wojciech Grzanka, James Skelton Smith, Jon Jaylo, Véronique Portal (vic4u), Piotr Zygmunt, Babar Moghal, Christine Morren, Kris Kuksi, Leszek Kostuj, Ondrej Provaznik, Jussi Löf, Joe MacGown, Vladimir Moldavsky, Cenin von Catlien (Burcu Corbaci), Ben Drewry, Ingvild Nilsen, Otto Rapp, Joe Pimentel, Ian Anderson, Leo Plaw, Deborah Valentine, Barbara Wiewiórska, Jaros?aw Kubicki, Héctor Pineda, Gromyko Padilla Semper, Miguel Tio, R. L. Frisby, Adam Scott Miller, I. T. Hammar, Tassos Kouris, David Senecal, Joshua S. Levin, Anita Zofia Siuda (siudajSTEJ), Dan Wininger (Danger), Dariusz Skitek, Christian Exequiel Montoya Flores, Pete Hamilton, Mary J. Sheridan, Sebastian Baumer, Suzzan Blac, Gabriel Pürstinger, Ron Eady, Artur Piotr Grejner, Adam Pinson, Larissa Kulik, Paula Rosa, Brenton Bostwick, Jayakumar (Consciousspace), Aleksander Rymarowicz, Christian Edler (reality must die), Renaldo Renaldo (Rens Ink), Marc Dubord, Pedro De Kastro, Igor Siwanowicz (Blepharopsis), Michael Birnstingl, Jon Beinart, Joseph Larkin, Martin Jonsson, Ben Tolman, Ton Haring, Emily Ross, Amygdala-mars.

The book can be purchased from

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Fantastic Visions Exhbition Berlin

December 26, 2009 in Artist, Artwork, Exhibition, Friends, News, Painting by Leo

Fantastic Visions - Kultschule

Fantastic Visions - Kultschule, Berlin 2010

2010 starts with the first group exhibition project for Fantastic Visions. I will be exhibiting my artwork with my good friends Dennis Konstantin and Micha Colory Krebs at the Lichtenberger Kultschule in Berlin. We will be exhibiting a selection of our paintings.

Having looked at the Fantastic Visionary exhibition projects taking place in other corners of the world and the dearth of opportunities locally, it was often discussed how something could also be done in Berlin. Finally this was acted upon, and now the momentum exists to continue this with further exhibitions in 2010 and beyond.

Recognizing a synergy in our works and our relative close proximities, it makes for an easy step for us to come together and mount this group show. The exhibition is working under the title of the Fantastic Visions project that I recently launched.

On display will also be the first Fantastic Visions printed publication that I designed and edited, a catalogue of artwork from Dennis, Micha and myself.

We will also be offering canvas prints of any of the artwork in the exhibition.

You’re invited, so hope to see you there.

Fantastic Visions

Dennis Konstantin, Micha Colory Krebs, Leo Plaw

Lichtenberger Kulturverein e.V.
in der KULTschule
Sewanstraße 43
10319 Berlin

20th January 2010 – 19th February 2010

Opening: 20th January 2010 19:00 – 21:00

OPEN HOURS: Montag bis Donnerstag 08.00 bis 18.00 Uhr, Freitag 08.00 bis 19.00 Uhr

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Cité Création – Creative Stadt

September 24, 2009 in Artwork, News, Painting, Travel by Leo

In the studio

Iza and I at work on the canvases. Ok, we’re posing for a photograph.

This Summer I was called up to work on a mural project that would ultimately span two cities. Work on the project was conducted in the large warehouse studios in Lyon and then completion was on the fringe of Berlin at Teltow.

The project was managed by Creative Stadt, the German arm of the French company Cité Création. Since its inception in 1978, Cité Création has created over 470 monumental frescoes all over the world. These trompe-l’oeil frescoes are designed to enhance urban environments that otherwise have little appeal. Cité Création which started out in Lyon and have since adorned many building walls about the city. Many of the murals now feature in Lyon tourist guides and form an integral of its tourist attractions. While I was there I took the opportunity to explore the city and see some of these previous projects.

Momma and Papa

The first canvas I worked on.

I along with Izabela Nowak, were flown from Berlin to Lyon where we worked in a large warehouse through heat that I had not known since Australia. There is definitely a climate difference on the other side of the Alps. All of our co-workers were French. All had a better command of English than I of French, regardless of their protests about being unable to speak it.

It was a very interesting time being in Lyon, although after a long day in the hot warehouse, the only time I had to explore Lyon was on the weekends. I think old Lyon city would have been quite pretty until the 70′s when they built freeways along the river front and through Perrache. But some of the city’s charm was still intact. When visiting the Roman amphitheatre atop the hill, I wondered how often bored Romans might have been looking at the splendid view rather than the entertainment on the stage below. Shopping on the Perrache markets on Sundays was fun. Trying to purchase things when you don’t speak the local language is always entertaining.

MotorradHow did this mural project work in two cities? Well, we were painting very large canvases that would eventually be glued to the walls of a building in Teltow. So when we were done in Lyon, a week or so later in Berlin I was busy climbing scaffolding and gluing canvases to the wall.

Working on the murals was quite interesting because the technique I normally use for my paintings is not what applies to this sort of work, when the artwork is many meters high on a wall. So you have work with the thought in mind that the final work will be seen from quite a distance. Colours and details have to be emphasised so as not to be lost. Sometimes, certain details have to be left out all together, as they will be lost or not contribute to the overall story that the mural is meant to convey. I very much enjoyed looking at how my French co-workers painted.

On the wall

One of the canvases finally in place.

I’ve since had the pleasure to see some of their own personal artwork, and it usually bears no relationship to what they paint for Cité Création. It was also interesting talking to them as artists and we all understood each other quite well about the trials and tribulations thereof.

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