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Phoenix and Dragons Invade the Grand Palais

Phoenix and Dragons at Comparaisons 2011

Phoenix and Dragons at Comparaisons 2011

The group “Strange Visionirique” led by the artist Lukáš Kándl will present this year Phoenix and Dragons. Nineteen international artists from three continents will exhibit their artwork in Salon Comparaisons at the Grand Palais, Paris.

The phoenix, a bird of fire, has shined for centuries from its inner light and, when we are fortunate, we can access it. In the alchemical process, there is a time when everything must be purified by fire. It is then that the dragon breathes and we encounter the risk that the dragon’s breath will scorch us, as we have only one face against a danger with multiple faces. Only a sharp and pure consciousness has the power to lead us through this ordeal.

After, when all matter has been consumed and only a small pile of burning ash is left, comes the rebirth and its accompanying new, more elevated visions. The cycle of the Phoenix starts again for life anew and, as acknowledged by ancient writings, the bird of fire declares, “I am the God of fire, the one who lives from truth.”

Salon Comparaisons came about in 1954 as as modest federation of exhibitors. Each year is marked by progress towards more quality, clarity and vitality. Over the years various presidents of Comparaisons have left their mark. Comparaisons is but one of four other art salons that take place in the historic Grand Palais.

Each year, Lukáš Kándl presents at the Salon Comparaisons, a special themed exhibition of hand picked artists working in Magical Realism and its related directions. This is the sixth themed exhibition he has presented there. All artworks follow the theme of phoenix and dragons, and are all painted on a round format.

Exhibiting Artists

Lukáš Kándl (France/Czech Republic), Jake Baddeley (Holland/UK), Anne Bachelier (France), Jean Bailly (France), Michel Bassot (France), Patrizia Comand (Italy), Yo Coquelin (France), Zeljko Djurovic (Montenegro), Zoran Ivanovic (Serbia), Zdenek Janda (Czech Republic), Alexandra Jontschewa (Germany/Bulgaria), Tomasz Alen Kopera (UK/Poland), Daniel Merriam (USA), Hans-Peter Müller (Germany), Martin-Georg Oscity (Germany/Slovakia), Reinhard Schmid (Germany), Yu Sugawara (Japan), Pavel Zacek (Czech Republic), Siegfried Zademack (Germany)

Salon Comparaisons

Dates: 22nd – 27th November 2011

Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris

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