Nyctophilia – the Love of Darkness

Nyctophilia - the Love of Darkness

Nyctophilia – the love of darkness or night, or feeling like you belong in the dark.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the night, with it’s stars, the moon and shadows. There were even times I would sneak out of the house just to go walk or explore the night.

Kienberg Night

As an adult, there have been many remote places I’ve traveled to, away from city lights and witness stunning night skies, that sadly, most people on the planet are not even aware exist above their heads for all of the light pollution. I’ve even been to places where there was no artificial light, no moon and yet I could see my shadow on the ground from the Milky Way’s starlight, where there are so many stars, the sky does not appear to be black.

I always make time to stop and look at the moon if I see it. Wandering across the countryside with out a lamp, relying only upon the moon and stars is quite an adventure, dare I say, magical.

But, I am aware that for many, the night is a thing of fear. I don’t take the darkness for granted, rather, I like the way it sharpens my senses, I feel more alive.

Are you a lover of the night?

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