When They Leave Home

Rembrand on the easel

I usually don’t get that attached to my paintings. I just sold my Rembrandt portrait. I must admit a certain amount of reluctance because, I enjoy having the old chap around the studio. He’s been like envisioned mentor hovering in my studio, keeping a watchful eye upon me. If ever I feel doubtful, frustrated or unmotivated, all I had to do was look up, and there he was, his sad tired old eyes, still alight with some spark, looking back at me, saying, you can keep going, I went through more than that.

Funny thing is, in the past few days I’ve been looking at self-portraits of other great painters to paint. I guess it is time to “study” under a new master. I have shortlisted Diego Velázquez or Anthony Van Dyck. Whoever I choose, I’ll have to get started straight away.

Watch this space to find out who it is next.


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