Oberbaum Art Brücke

8th Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

Last weekend I participated in the annual Oberbaum Art Brücke here in Berlin. The Oberbaumbrücke is closed off for the day and becomes an open air art gallery. Excess of 100 artist stretch across the bridge exhibiting their artworks to several thousand visitors.

Some of these visitors do actually purchase art. Therefor I am happy to report that my artworks have new homes. Two of my largest pieces are counted amoungst those sold.

I am now fired to paint many more works. This is a good thing, as I now need to replace those works sold before I can make an exhibition. So, we’ll all have to wait a little longer. I can say however that there are some new works under development that I am very pleased with.

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