13 Moon Calendar – Journey of the Dreaming

The good people at the Dream of Peace Network have recently published a 13 moon calendar (mayan) featuring artworks from visionary artists for each lunar month.

I'm pleased to say that I am one of the included artists.

The list of artists are as follows.

  1. Aris Georges
  2. Jon Beinart
  3. Marlene Samson
  4. Kuba Fiedorowicz
  5. Paul Freeman
  6. Cornelius Fraenkel
  7. Francoise Monnereau
  8. Lore – Quetzalcoatl
  9. Kim Evans
  10. Leo Plaw
  11. Brigid Marlin
  12. Phillip Rubinov
  13. Clint Cassell

The calendar is designed to be more in tune with our natural rythms than the standard Julian calendar we all live by. Drop by the site and check it out. And if you are so inspired, get yourself a copy.


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