Kris Kuksi at Strychnin Gallery

Kris Kuksi
It’s Friday the 13th, and I find myself at the Strychnin Gallery, Berlin for the opening of Kris Kuksi‘s exhibition. I’ve exchanged a few emails with Kris before, but have never met him personally. I was looking for his distinctive shaven head, but he had it secured under his big black Texan hat.

When I had arrived the last of his six sculptures had already sold, and this was only an hour after opening. Needless to say Kris was very pleased, not only for the sales, but that he could also relax more for the evening. Openings are always demanding on an artist. So it was much later that I had him sign his page in Metamorphosis.

Anja arrived later and we had the chance to meet an interesting collection of people, both local and international. Among them was Jody Polishchuk, a Canadian curator and friend of Kris’s.

I was also surprised to learn that Strychnin Gallery would be taking Kris and their other artists to Cologne for one of the art fairs the following week. The reason I was suprised, and rather pleased, is that these events are usually dominated by so called “modern contemporary” art. I look forward to finding out how they fared.

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Kris Kuksi and myself with our pages in Metamorphosis

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