Impending Utopia?

In the past week there has been a re-occurring theme that has come to my attention. It has garnered various name, some of which might be, Utopia or the new Summer of Love.

I am at this moment in time, a little at a loss as to why now, all of a sudden this theme seems to have sprouted many rhizomes. And just as rhizomes do, they travel far and wide underground, just beneath the surface and pop up in unexpected places.

I’ve noted that the tone or perhaps the tact of your presentation has changed a little, in reference to our crisis of identity, conscience, awareness, and ultimately spirituality.

I also note that you also now talk of the “battle” between public and corporate control of culture, the “sharing” of its manufacture.

I think this is the greatest sickness of our age. The thought that culture is manufactured solely for profit.

Did you go and see the movie Avatar? I hope you saw the 3D version. It was very interesting reading the initial reviews and comments out there in the “public” consciousness until the media swamped any true dialogue about its meaning, impact and influence, with how much money the film grossed.

This is a perfect example of what you are talking about. The media has totally missed the true importance of this film. The technological importance is one thing, but the film itself is a marker in the Zeitgeist, of how people are yearning for a world that is more aware of itself and its interrelationship with everything else. It is precisely this aspect of Na’vi in the film, and their struggle to retain their sense of being and belonging which struck such a deep chord with movie goers.

The emersiveness of the 3D technology further enhanced the suspension of disbelief, transporting people to a fantastic world where seemingly impossible and wondrous things were possible. I avidly followed what was written about the film after its release. What I noticed was a ripple in the collective consciousness. The question, is of course, how durable is this.

I would not say Avatar is the crux, but only one of many phenomenon we will be witness to in the near future. Change is afoot.

Then next read conservative comments about Avatar.

Sometimes the truth hurts.
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