How the Coronavirus Lockdown is Turning Into a Business Shutdown

Returned Art Mail

One small step after another, things are becoming tighter. Just as the Coronavirus controls kicked in, I’d thankfully made a number of artwork sales. Some of these were to overseas collectors. I duly trotted off to the post office with securely packaged artworks, and firstly inquired if there would be any issues with sending overseas. No, that won’t be a problem at all. Postage paid and artwork sent… or so I thought.

Today I found one of the parcels returned to me in my postbox. Affixed to the front of it was a letter from the post informing me, that because of Coronavirus restrictions packages could not be delivered to certain countries. They provided a website link to a list of countries that packages could not be delivered to. But, the country I was sending to, was not on the list. Thus, tomorrow, I’ll be making inquiries.

This event has now more or less sunk any grand ideas of staying in the studio, selling artwork and sending it via post or other delivery services. I am not the only business affected by this. The gravity of the situation is really starting to sink in for myself and others as weeks start to go by and the squeeze tightens.

I’m not giving up and rolling over to die yet. It is time to start looking at the options and seeking opportunities where others only see ashes.

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