Goodbye Rembrandt!

"Rembrandt 1655", Leo Plaw, 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas

Goodbye Rembrandt! It was a pleasure to have you watch over my studio, my struggles, my progress and triumphs. For some time now I’ve had studies of self portraits by two great masters hanging in my studio. They’ve almost been like icons, where I can look to them for inspiration.

Now Rembrandt is off to a new home in another country, thankfully one that is still accepting post. There is a growing number of countries that are not accepting post. Let that one run around your mind for a while until you realise what the consequences of that.

Rembrandt’s departure leaves a space on the wall… for another Rembrandt self-portrait. He did so many in his lifetime that I will have plenty to choose from. This one is one of my favourites. I’ve even had the chance to look at the original as close as possible before the museum security become upset.

Here’s the a stop motion video of the painting development. I would have shared the DTube link instead of YouTube, but DTube would not play the video.

There are more videos on my YouTube Channel and more artwork on my website.

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