Here are some of my current projects. Not all are related to my artwork.

Fantastic Visions is rather broad in scope, and will aim to take in Fantastic and Visionary art from a number of countries. Having been base here in Europe for the past seven years, I’ve come to discover that there are many isolated pockets of activity within our art “movement”. There has however in recent years thanks to the efforts of a number of motivated individuals and mercurial wonder of the internet, a growing awareness of others. A number of us have noted this, and with great excitement, noted the possibility of drawing these loose strands together to weave something more vibrant. It has been envisaged that “portals” could be opened up all over the world allowing for a touring circuit if you will, and by the same time fostering cross fertilization of ideas and technique. In short, building a community.

This is a very large beast of a website that grows more tentacles every day. I came into contact with Jon Beinart back in 2005. We realized we both had similar tastes in artwork after swapping images of our favourite artists, much as boys might with trading cards. Jon had an existing website that collected artists, I had the same desire, and the technical know how. We then joined forces and created the website that it is today. More information about the beinArt International Surreal Art Collective can be found on the beinArt page.

Is one of the oldest galleries exhibiting and selling Fantastic Realism. Established in the 60’s by Manfred Scheer, it went on to build the career of a number of the Fantastic Realists. My job is to rebuild their website and help them expand their online presence.

I built and have been maintaining Anja’s website for a few years now.

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