Kevin Campeau Painting Collaboration

Painting Collaboration with Kevin Campeau

Recently I started a collaborative painting project with Kevin Campeau. In this video we briefly discuss how we worked together and what we did with the canvas.

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Axis Mundi

Painting – Axis Mundi – Carl Jung – Quote

It is said a picture tells a thousand words, and the quote from Carl Jung is but a few that I can add to my latest painting “Axis Mundi”.

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"In Another Light", 50 x 40 cm, oil on canvas

New Painting – In Another Light

Another painting has completed a long cycle of development.

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HR Giger

RIP HR Giger

HR Giger died in tragic circumstances last week.

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Of course plants can communicate. Related posts: No related posts.

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Studio Update February 2014

Studio Visit February 2014

I shot a short video of my artworks in progress currently hanging on my studio walls. It’s really just a teaser, with more detailed images and video reports to come.

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Studio Video Report

This is a short video report from the studio in Vienna, after returning from the Galerie Atelier III exhibition in Barmstedt, Germany.

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Exhibition Galerie Atelier III

This year I am exhibiting again at Galerie Atelier III just outside of Hamburg, Germany. I am exhibiting alongside my good friend Micha Colory Krebs who I exhibited with in the previous exhibition.

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Art Gives Meaning

The role of the creative, whether, artist, performer, or musician, is to give form to what is unseen, not perceived by the wider public.

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Kuba dropped in to lend a hand. (photo: Timea Tallian)

Changing of the Guard

Since December last year I have had my artwork hanging in Dancing Shiva on Nuebaugasse in the Vienna 7th district. With exhibition season having begun, it was time to take my artwork down in preparation for sending them of to far flung destinations once again. But more about those exhibitions in future articles.

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Vienna Art Academy, Schillerplatz

Art Universities – the Future of Art?

This past weekend I attended the open studios (Rundgang) of the Vienna Academy of the Fine Arts (Akademie der Bildenden K√ľnste Wien). In the unending push to remain abreast with the current art trends, the past is cut off and cast aside as worn out worthless rubbish. That is, unless, it earns some money, like the Painting Gallery, which houses valuable Old Masters artworks from Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Hieronymus Bosch and Titian.

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"Temptation of St. Anthony" Max Ernst

Max Ernst Retrospective Exhibition – Albertina Vienna

It’s a Tuesday night in Vienna. What to do? Go to the premier opening of the Max Ernst retrospective exhibition in the Albertina, of course. Thanks goes to Celene and Jutta Venosa for making this possible. Otto Rapp and Timea Tallian were also there to gaze, point. Pick the artists!

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Vienna Studio Corner

Juxtaposition – When New Ideas Happen

Those moments of empty minded clarity, when not much is happening, lounging on the obligatory comfy studio sofa, looking at the artwork. In my Vienna studio, two unrelated paintings suddenly took on a new meaning together.

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Dissolution - pen on paper, 2013

Graphic – Dissolution – Sale

I recently did a version of an earlier painting of mine in pen. Some one has the chance to own the original drawing I made, as I am selling it on eBay.

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Passenger Espresso

Smell the Coffee

Living in Berlin, I know all of my favourite and interesting corners. So if I want something, I know exactly where to go. For instance coffee. Now I find myself in Vienna and I am on the hunt for good coffee.

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Berlin Winter 2012

This week I ventured out into the subzero temperatures to see the people frolicking on the ice of the frozen canal nearby. It is a world away from the balmy Summer evenings I spent there with friends and a bottle of wine watching the sunset.

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Winter 2012 in the Studio

Mr. Frost has paid me a visit and shown me his own artistic abilities on my studio windows in the form of some very intricate ice crystal patterns, more often referred to as “Eisblumen” (ice flowers).

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HR Giger

Giger Retrospective Exhibition in Hamburg

Tomorrow morning I am travelling from Berlin to Hamburg to attend the opening of the H.R. Giger Retrospective exhibition. I will be there to photograph and video the event for Fantastic Visions.

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GENSO exhibition

Exhibitions in Paris

Later this month I will be travelling to Paris to attend two exhibitions. The first is the GENSO exhibition organised by Shoji Tanaka and Hugues Gillet.

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Picture frames built from recycled materials.

Framed – Picture Frames

I had to recently send some artwork off to an exhibition. However, I decided that the small canvases would much better with frames.

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