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books.jpgLike most artists, I dream of seeing my artwork in print and better still that being a book. After watching Jon Beinart go through the motions of publishing “Metamorphosis” (which I am in) I have feeling for the reality of it. There was some serious financial outlay to produce the book, which puts this sort of activity out of the reach of most people.

But then there’s on demand printing. With the advent of digital printing, it became viable to do short print runs. Traditional offset printing is still the most cost effective for high volume runs or 500 or more.

The internet has made the ease of getting your idea to print even greater. There are now a number of companies, such as Lulu.com and Blurb.com which allow you upload the files for your book through their website. They then print your book and post it out to you. Both also offer online store facilities to sell your publication through

Both offer templates for those of us who are not professional layout artists. But that said, it still makes a world of difference if you enlist the help of some one who has skills in those directions. Book formats vary from soft covers to hardback and in set size ranges

Charley Parker on Lines and Colors has a more detailed view of on demand book printing

C. B. Newham makes very detailed comparisons between the largest online print on demand pubishers.

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One comment on “On Demand Book Printing
  1. Joel Turner says:

    On demand is not for everyone but it has some strong benefits.
    Be careful with some of these companies.
    Watch out for contracts,
    False promises,
    Long delays from the time you have approved your book for print, etc.
    Many of these companies have hidden costs and make their money on set-up then are not so interested in actually printing your book.
    Remember the only good publicist for your book is you the author.
    Joel Turner
    The Great American Press

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