IFAA Exhibition Kyoto

Excerpt from the 2008 IFAA exhibition catalog

The day draws near when I fly to Japan with Luigi La Speranza and Anja Brinkmann, where Luigi and I will be participating in the International Fantastic Art Association annual group exhibition. I feel honoured that the director Shoji Tanaka has extended this wonderful invitation to us. I have previously written about Shoji and the IFAA, and how I came to know them.

I am excited to be visiting Japan, and more so Kyoto where one can still find much of the old Japan that no longer exists. I am also excited to be meeting the other artists and seeing their artwork. A tiny image on a web page does not compare to the real thing.

Likewise, meeting cyber friends and contacts is an interesting experience. I am looking forward to meeting Satoshi Sakamoto who I "met" on MySpace. It is good to meet the human face behind the digital text and images.

I will be updating the blog with further news about my travels to Japan, and about the exhibition. Make sure you come back and read about it.

Details of the exhibition follow:

Directions to the DOHJIDAI GALLERY, KyotoInternational Fantastic Art Association
Fantastic Art Show-Kyoto-2008
Exhbition 1th April to 6th April


F1 1928 bldg. Gokomachi Sanjo Nakagyo-ku Kyoto Japan

Participating Artists:

  • Miyuki Aihara
  • Katsumi Asano
  • Shinji Asano
  • Kyoko Baba
  • Yasuko Fuchioka
  • Yasuo Hagiwara
  • Akiko Ijichi
  • Koichi Iyoda
  • Shu Iseki
  • Kashima
  • Kuniaki Katsu
  • Kazuaki Kita
  • Kaoru Koga
  • Tetsuo Koyama
  • Satomi Kuwahara
  • Yoshiko Maezawa
  • Midorineko
  • Chinatsu Miyake
  • Taeko Mori
  • Mitsuru Nagashima
  • Akiko Oikawa
  • Hitomi Okubo
  • Shigeo Otake
  • Kyoko Ote
  • Akiko Sakagami
  • Satoshi Sakamoto
  • Kyoko Sato
  • Leo Sawaki
  • Tomoko Segawa
  • Yuko Shiizaki
  • Takashi Sotohara
  • Hazuki Suketake
  • Hayato Suzuki
  • Minae Takada
  • Mitsuo Takeda
  • Shoji Tanaka
  • Itsuki Tatsukikawa
  • Hiroko Yamaji
  • Sayaka Wakabayashi

Special Guests:

  • Leo Plaw
  • Luigi La Speranza
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4 comments on “IFAA Exhibition Kyoto
  1. Otto Rapp says:

    Greetings Leo!
    I am looking forward to hearing more about this show and maybe images and links to the artists. From my past conversations with Rudolf Hausner (1980), there is a strong tie-in with the Vienna School, and just recently I discovered one Japanese painter who had studied under Hausner and included a informative essay on the Vienna School on his
    I am myself in the process of fleshing out an essay on the subject which I had written in 1980 – the Japanese connection bears further exploration – particularly in view of the strong showing of the Vienna School in Hyogo in 1972.
    Link to my (unfinished) essay:

  2. admin says:

    Hi Otto.
    Very nice of you to drop by and share your information. I am very pleased to read your work in progress. It was very educational. I had never known there was such a strong relationship with Japan. The director of the IFAA, Shoji Tanaka, who is curating the exhibition will be most interested to read your article.

    I will also be very interested to see how you progress it as well as what connections can be unearthed in Japan.

  3. bal says:

    Nice to meet you.
    I had a look at blog.
    Please link to this site.

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