Otto Rapp’s Essay on the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism

Recently, artist Otto Rapp wrote a response on my "IFAA Exhibition Kyoto" which I was very pleased to read. He brought to my attention an essay in progress on his website.

His article about the Vienna School of Fatastic Realism is by far the most succinct and informative writing I have read yet. He presents a great deal of detail that I have not seen yet. He goes on to explain the central characters and protagonists and give them life. I had from various sources previous heard that Ernst Fuchs can be somewhat of an agitator, or provocator, but now I have an appreciation of why and how that has been a central benefit to the life of Vienna Fantastic Realism.

I believe Otto's essay brings some clarity to the "mythos" that surrounds Fantastic Realism, or dare I say some realism to the fantastic?

It has given me cause to go back to my personal library and dig out a book purchased per chance on a Berlin flee market. "Die Wiener Schule des Phantastischen Realisums" by Joahnn Muschik (ISBN 3-570-06123-x). At the time I did not delve into the book as my command of German was rather lacking, but now, I feel it should be sufficient.

While this book may also be illuminating, Otto's essay also elaborates on Vienna School's influence outside of Vienna, especially that of Japan. With my recent contact with the Japanese Fantastics, Otto rightly reckonned that I would find this relevant and interesting.

I certainly look forward to Otto's further work on his essay, and thank him very much for bringing it to my attention.

Otto's essay: "The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism"

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2 comments on “Otto Rapp’s Essay on the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism
  1. Otto Rapp says:

    Since you wrote this, Leo (and perhaps because of it) – I scrambled (attempted) to finish the essay – I annotated, added an index, all linked and back-linked for easy readability. There still is a ton of new data that will provide feed for future expansion. During my researches I came across an artist I had admired for many years, but not seen many works in the net – until now: Kurt Regschek was, until 1965 when he left the group, the “sixth” member of the founding group, much involved in organizing their exhibitions, etc.
    I got in touch with his biographer, Dr. Peter Diem, and we became friends, exchanging information back and forth. A short chapter with links to an extensive image library were added recently to my essay here, with plans to expand after I return from Vienna later this summer.
    The involvement and influence of Fritz Hundertwasser with the group and in particular with Fuchs and Brauer needs further exploration. There lies much work ahead, since at every turn new avenues open up. On the other hand I found it frustrating to search for more in-depth info for Wolfgang Hutter and Anton Lehmden on the web: very little if any!

  2. admin says:

    If I have not already suggested it, when you are in Vienna this Summer, visit Galerie 10. They have a lot of information and long personal contact with the group. There is a treasure trove of information in their store room.

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