Book – Imagination the Imagination – has arrived

Leo Plaw in his studio with the book Imagine the Imagination

In my studio with the book “Imagine the Imagination”.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been watching artists posting images of their copy of the book “Imagine The Imagination – New Visions of Surrealism”, that included their artwork, to various websites. I was becoming impatient to see the book as even a collector of mine had a copy of the book before myself. As of yesterday, the wait was finally over and the book arrived in the post.

The book is solid and the printing is of good quality. Many artists included in the book, I’ve come into contact with through the internet. And amongst those are some good friends. The book project started off on a surrealism group which includes artists from all over the world.

The photo which accompanies this article is of me with the book and the original painting “Something Fishy”, which is included in the book. Thank you to Paul Barnett for taking time out from his own painting to come up to my studio and shoot the photo for me.

Imagine the Imagination can be purchased from

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