iPaX 2010 International Fantastic Art Exhibition with ‘Dali’s Heirs’

Zademack - Taube

Zademack – Taube

Next week I will be travelling to Viechtach again as the town plays host to the iPaX 2010 International Fantastic Art Exhibition. I was previously in Viechtach for the Dante exhibition last year and I’m very much looking forward to returning to this charming part of Germany again.

I am naturally desiring to visit the exhibition out of professional artistic interest, but I am also in attendance to document the event for my Fantastic Visions project as I did with the recent Dreamscapes Exhibition in Amsterdam. I will be photographing, videoing and later writing about the event for Fantastic Visons.

The town of Viechtach is the European host of the IPax 2010 peace campaign. On the initiative of Dali expert Roger M. Erasmy, the artists group “Dalis Erben” (Dalí’s Heirs) along with guest artists will be exhibited at the Viechtach Old Town Hall.

Erasmy has been quoted as saying, “The art world is aware of the serious geopolitical situation and wants to participate actively in the efforts for making peace. Expressive images seem more determined than endless political speeches”.

Exhibiting at the exhibition will be:

Angerer the Elder, Alain Bazard, Dragan Ilic, Tues VOGO, Peter Gric, Christian Klepsch, Micha Lobi, Michael Maschka, Fabrizio Riccardi, Viktor Safonkin, Reinhard Schmid,  Siegfried Zademack.

There will also be a slide lecture on the life of the great surrealist Salvador Dali and the smallest Surrealist art collection in the world. The original Dali wagon, the rail car that was the original model for the painting “The Station of Perpignan” will be on display in the town square.

On the Saturday there will be an artists breakfast at Cafe Isis,where there is a permanent display of Reinhard Schmidt’s glass artworks. It will be a wonderful opportunity for everybody to catch up in a more relaxed environment. I could almost say that I’m coming to see some of these artists regularly. It is quite an effort since everybody is dispersed so far and wide about the world.

Details for the event are:

iPaX2010: International Peace Art exhibition – Dali’s Heirs and Friends

Opening of the Exhibition: Friday 18 June, 7pm
Duration to 22 August
Opening times: Mon – Fri 8-5pm, Sa 10-1pm, Sun 10-12pm / 3-5pm

Roger M. Erasmy lecture on Salvador Dali: Friday, 9 July, 19 Clock, Old Town Hall Viechtach
Then open the original Dali wagon on the square Viechtach

Altes Rathaus Viechtach
1 Town Square
Viechtach, Germany

Tel. +49 9942 1661

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