Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

8th Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

8th Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery

This Sunday, the fourth of July is the 8th Oberbaumbrücke Open Air Gallery in Berlin and for myself the third time I’ve participated with my artwork. My friend and colleague Micha Colory Krebs will also be at the festival also.

The faux medieval bridge over the River Spree that runs through the heart of Berlin, is closed off on Sunday to accommodate 100 artists and their artwork. The event always pulls large crowds usually totally about 20,000 for the day. With such large public attendance its reputation has been spreading far and wide.

I will heading down to the bridge early on Sunday to set up a stand. It takes a little while as everything has to be secured against the wind. I will be taking a couple of my studio easels so I can display more of my paintings.

I will be bringing my latest artworks, as well as a few older ones that are still to be found hanging on my studio walls and are in need of new homes.

The weather bureau is predicting hot and sunny weather, so it should make a great day out for visitors.

The event opens to the public at 10am and finishes at 10pm. So there’s ample time for you come by and visit me on the bridge.


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