Héctor Pineda

In the Colory Gallery

Myself, Héctor Pineda and Micha Colory.Krebs

Stay still long enough and the world will come to you, or network like crazy on the internet. And so it was when Mexican digital artist Héctor Pineda came to Berlin. We first came into contact through some groups on Deviant Art. Héctor organised and edit the book, “Imagine The Imagination – New Visions of Surrealism“, selecting artists from the Deviant Art groups. I was fortunate to be one of the artists included. The “Imagine the Imagination” book project was organised with the Polish publishing house, nEgoist.

nEgoist supports Abnormals Gallery which is based in Berlin and now with a much larger gallery space in Poznan, Poland. Abnormals Gallery recently caused an outcry in Poland over a large banner bearing a swastika and naked Mickey Mouse model, adorning their new premises. If any thing, the gallery is now known before it even opens for it’s first show.

Héctor was in Berlin to meet with the directors of Abnormals Gallery to discuss a possible future exhibition that would would exhibit the artists featured in “Image the Imagination”. But while he was here in Berlin he also made time to meet up with other artists. So it came to pass when I met him on Friday night with his wife and another artist, I convinced him to come with me to pay a visit to Micha Colory Kreb’s colourful and fascinating studio. His apartment is literally a work of art in itself.

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