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The Irresistible Flow of Time – Galerie 10

The Irresistible Flow of Time – Galerie 10

I recently came across Richard Thomas Scott on Facebook, thanks to Gromyko Semper. Richard has written a post on LinkedIn about Art and Social Media.

While I did not find any surprises in what he wrote, it is very solid advice of some one that has experience with online promotion of his artwork.

For me it was confirmation of my own experiences and for anyone just coming to terms with promoting themselves and their artwork on line, I recommend reading his article.

A very sage piece of advice that Richard finishes off with, is that online promotion and networking can only do so much. In the end, you still have to get out there and actually meet real people.

The above photo is an example of all of this put into action. Through a great deal of oline networking, building of relationships and friendships, an international exhibition at Galerie 10 in Vienna was organized where many of us met for the first time.

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