How We Learn

How We Learn

How We Learn

For some time now since starting my research for the Art Culture Creation workshops, I have been very interested in the processes by which we learn. I came across this info-graphic outlining the ways in which we learn and retain information. Naturally learning by doing is top of the list. This happens to be the main emphasis in my workshops. We understand best how to collaborate with others by direct involvement.

It is a mark of today that multimedia, electronic training is replacing many of the old school ways of learning. However, now because of the pressures of cost cutting or lack of training resources (people and places), it is now being used as a replacement for real hands on learning.

But there are those who are taking the initiative to retain the human element, and fulfil the need for real relationships. It is our connection with others which is one of the greatest driving forces in life. Our shared experiences are the most memorable, and therefore, one of the best ways to learn.

Image Source: Neil Beyersdorf

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