Pulse of Life Exhibition – Gerlinde Zickler

"Pulse of Life" exhibition with Gerlinde Zickler, Rosemädchen Seelenclown

“Pulse of Life” exhibition with Gerlinde Zickler, Rosemädchen Seelenclown

At the end of 2014, I travelled out from Vienna to visit artist Gerlinde Zickler, Rosemädchen Seelenclown. Together we worked on a large collaborative painting for her 80th birthday exhibition, “Pulse of Life.”

Owing to travel commitments in Australia, I could not personally attend the exhibition opening, where all other collaborating artists were. But thankfully Kathrina Sofie travelled out later with Benedetto Fellin and Otto Rapp to visit the exhibition and Gerlinde herself. Kathrina took photos of the exhibition for me, which I have included here in this article. Many thanks to Kathrina!

I am so happy to see photos of the exhibition, and even more pleased that I could collaborate with Gerlinde and be a part of her exhibition and celebration of her life.

The list of participating artists are:

Kuba Ambrose, Martina Cizek, Hisa Enomoto, Fabian Jimenez, Vesna Krasnec, Julie Kreuzspiegl, Jo Kuehn, Susanna Länger, Christopher Mader, Cheikh Niass, David Müller Abt, Walter Orleth, Szilvia Ortlieb, Leo Plaw, Otto Rapp, Amanda Sage, Zeger van Soest, Gerlinde Thuma, Suzie Vrbka, Katrin Werzinger, Ernst Ferdinand Wondrusch, Gerlinde Zickler

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