Exhibition – Magical Dreams III – Poland

(photo: Wieslaw Orlita)

Katarzyna Bator entertains at the opening of the “Magical Dreams III” exhibition (photo: Wieslaw Orlita)

Peter Gric picked up Kathrina Sofie and myself from Vienna. (Thanks Peter!) We drove the whole afternoon through Slovakia, onto Poland, through what seemed like small back roads to our destination, Szczyrk. Indeed some of the roads were back roads lost in the hills and forest, and desperately in need of repair. But, sat-nav doesn’t distinguish between good or bad roads, just the shortest route.

En route to our destination, all three of us mused over how one should pronounce the name of the town, Szczyrk, where the exhibition and gallery were. Polish is one of those languages where I couldn’t even begin to guess how the letters are combined to make sounds.

After surviving the back roads, we arrived at Bator Gallery. We were warmly welcomed by the Bator family who run the gallery. There is much to see in the gallery, but the best space was reserved for the “Magical Dreams III” exhibition. It looked fantastic! The quality of the all of the artwork was very high. So after looking at the artwork along with downing the obligatory local schnapps, we were off to dinner.

The glorious weather of the day before had been taken over with something more subdued. But that did not stop Gallery Bator! Guests where gathered outside for the opening and introduction of the artists. This also included a large outdoor screen showing the artwork of each artist. A dash of Polish culture was added to the event with some traditional Polish attire.

Formalities over and the sumptuous buffet was open and guests freely mingled around the gallery meeting the artists. The evening’s entertainment was provided by no less than one of the gallery directors, Katarzyna Bator, who gave a piano recital. At what other galleries do the directors also give a concert?

Once we were inside again, it was time for another round or two of that schnapps again. That was of course an excuse for the dancing to start and a very late night.

Of course after a very late start the next day, we made our way back to the gallery to meet with every one again and bid our farewells before making our way home again on the back roads. The hospitality of Poland was wonderful. We also left with new friendships made and the start to a great exhibition.

The exhibition will travel to a number of locations. More information via the Bator Gallery.

Bator Art Gallery
Tel: +48 338177116; +48 608589957

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