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Ütersener Nachricten Zeitung

Ütersener Nachricten Zeitung

Time to finally write about exhibition opening in Barmstedt at Galerie III with Anja Brinkmann and Micha Krebs. The show went off nicely with a slew of articles in the local press. I arrived a couple of days early to be present when some of the journalists were due to visit. The gallery’s location is very picturesque, being situated on a small island on a lake. This and a number of historical buildings attract day visitors from Hamburg ensuring that that the gallery has a steady stream of visitors.

When I arrived I found the gallerist, Karin Weissenbacher, who is also an artist busy sculpting in her studio which is down the hall from the gallery. Karin had done a wonderful job of hanging our works by nicely balancing our individual styles across the rooms.

Since I was the only one of we three present, I had to meet and greet the media alone. It was a little difficult to explain Anja and Micha’s artwork, but perhaps more so my own as I had ensconced myself in my studio for half a year and talked to few people about my artwork.  While I know my own feelings and thoughts about my artwork, having to articulate these ideas on the spot to journalists required some creative thinking.

However, over the next days we discovered scant mention of anything I said in the press, but rather a rehash of the basic details sent out in the press releases. Ah well, so much for the 15 minutes of fame. At least my photo was in the papers.

The day of the opening arrived. A number of the local politicians were present with one of them giving us an introduction. It was pleasing to hear that he had dug through my website to find out a little background information to help with his speech. Micha was extremely nervous leading up to his speech but he did admirably well.

Present also was a long time internet contact, Dennis Konstantin, who lives in Hamburg with his girlfriend Natalia. They had both come out Barmstedt for the exhibition. It was our first personal meeting and we had much to discuss. I agreed to visit him at his studio the next day.

The exhibition finished well and we all had a very entertaining time with Karin and her housemates.

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