Zdzislaw Beksinski Painting Details

Zdzislaw Beksinski - Polish painterErik Heyninck has posted a selection of Zdzislaw Beksinski’s paintings with some very fine detailed enlargements. I’m one of those people that when visiting a museum, like to get up as close as possible to the paintings before the security pounce and study every fine brush stroke. Having no ready access to any originals of Beksinski’s artwork, it offers a superb insight into his technique.

There are themes that have uncomfortable atmospheres. Many of the intertwined bodies / coprses imply claustrophobic, or co-depedent relationships. Dessicated bodies or corpses impress a sense of morbidity.

Other times I see him looking away from the temporal realm up to limitless celestial ones. What is the meaning of Death, blood and Decay?

His works tell the mark of time, the experience of life, and the realisation of mortality. But the sometimes, the hint of something else beyond.

l_7e6a23eed7879a1ecd8c3ede501600fdDutch collector Rardy Van Soest is of the opinion that Beksinski’s painting (below) was a foretelling of his own murder, when you look at the trail of blood leading up the stairs to a celestial world away from earthen decay.

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