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Dissolution - original oil painting.I recently did a version of an earlier painting of mine in pen. It was interesting revisiting such an early work, because when reworking it as graphic, I am paying attention to the details. I am therefore thinking about how I would do the painting differently if I had painted it today.

I think the ink drawing comes up nicely in comparison to the original painting, which I still have. Upon reflection I find it surprising that I still have such an early work in my possession as I eventually sell everything that I paint. I’d say that is a fairly good success rate.

What was also surprising was when I posted the graphic to my Facebook page, that some one who had bought a print of the painting from me, when I used to sell on the street corners of Brisbane many years ago, commented that he still had the print. I was pleased to learn that he still had the print. It also made me wonder, how many other people out there still have my prints.

So now, some one has the chance to own the original drawing I made, as I am selling it on eBay.

eBay: Leo Plaw – Originale Zeichnung – Original Drawing

Dissolution - pen on paper, 2013

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