Juxtaposition – When New Ideas Happen

Vienna Studio Corner

The magic of juxtaposition. Do you see it?

It has happened before. Those moments of empty minded clarity, when not much is happening, lounging on the obligatory comfy studio sofa, looking at the artwork. While to some, it may not look like much is being done, sometimes this meditative space is absolutely required for the successful completion of an artwork.

And then it happens. As you gaze on the work in progress, your eye wanders and suddenly where once it was never apparent before, the painting behind or near that in focus, also comes into focus, and a synergy springs into life.

It maybe the forms, sometimes one painting literally flows into the other. Other times, it is colour combination sets one off on a new crescendo of colour.

And so it was recently here in my Vienna studio. Two unrelated paintings suddenly took on a new meaning together. I won’t say how or what the outcome will be. I know what that is in my mind’s eye.

It never ceases to amaze me from what unexpected corners inspiration is waiting to be found. Only if you look. And look with an open uncritical mind. Then the Muse speaks, and you follow her command.

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