Changing of the Guard

Kuba dropped in to lend a hand. (photo: Timea Tallian)

Kuba dropped in to lend a hand. (photo: Timea Tallian)

Since December last year I have had my artwork hanging in Dancing Shiva on Neubaugasse in the Vienna 7th district. With exhibition season having begun, it was time to take my artwork down in preparation for sending them off to far flung destinations once again. But more about those exhibitions in future articles.

Since the Dancing Shiva space and team are to be treasured, I did not want to see the space on the wall fall idle, and suggested to the owner of Dancing Shiva, Riki Hinteregger, that she have fellow Australian artist, Kuba Ambrose hang his artwork there. Both Kuba and Riki liked the idea very much, and so it was agreed.

Kuba came in to lend me a pair of extra helping hands to take down my artwork, and a few days later his went up. This all worked out very well, as there was extra influx of people into Dancing Shiva that following weekend because of the street festival.

It was a great chance for me to finally see Kuba’s oirginal artwork after enjoying and following his creativity on the internet all of these years. I first saw Kuba’s artwork when we were both published in the “Angle Circus” magazine that our mutual friend Jon Beinart was working on. Now, years later after many adventures, and many paintings later, we both have ended up in the same city, Vienna. It has been pleasure to finally meet and to get know him.

I would like to thank Riki and her team for giving me this opportunity and being ever so friendly and helpful. I would also like to thank Celene Venosa for introducing me.

If you are in Vienna, take the time to drop in to see Kuba’s artwork and grab something delicious and healthy from Riki’s cafe kitchen at the back for the store and do something for your mind, body and soul.

Kuba with visitors come to see his artwork.

Kuba with visitors come to see his artwork. (photo: Timea Tallian)

Dancing Shiva
Neubaugasse 58
1070 Vienna

+43 1524 7843

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