No Rest for the Wicked

With the last painting only just finished and barely dry, I’ve started two more straight away. I feel that January has been a bit of a slow start for 2018 and so I need to shift the production up a gear or two, or a painting or two as the case may be. 

In these initial stages, I’ll bounce between the two until I settle on completing one of them. The other will be then completed soon after.

Why all of the pressure? Am I just out to put more runs on the scoreboard? Partially yes, but mostly to coach myself into a space where I am not thinking about my painting process and just doing it. It is all too easy to settle into comfortable ways with my art technique and not make further progress.

I have targets with the standard and type of technique I want to develop. The only way I’m going to get there is to produce, produce, produce, or practice, practice, practice.

So, no rest for the wicked!

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