A New Home

This painting has just found a new home with one of my biggest collectors. I don’t always frame my works up, but I started a while back doing so for this collector. Now with the sizeable collection of my artwork that he has, everything fits nicely together.

I find I may finish a painting, but framing it makes it complete. This is what they call a shadow frame which is essentially a box type arrangement that surrounds the painting, but leaves a gap between the frame and painting.

The painting is then packed securely in bubble wrap, sheets of styrofoam and a custom made box, ready for shipping.

This collector is not too far away and I have visited him a few times, which means I had the chance to see my artworks again. After all of these years painting, I still find it a very strange feeling to see artworks of mine again after a long time. It’s kind of like, once they’re gone, they don’t exist any more, but, upon seeing them again, it takes me back to the times and places that they were created in.

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