Artwork Time Lapse Solution

Artwork Time Lapse Solution

You might have seen some of my drawing and painting time lapse videos recently. I’ve been working on solutions for filming with varying success. Usually I would have the camera mounted on the tripod positioned next to me as I worked.

However with it being so close to me as worked, because I needed a reasonable angle of view, I would often bump it and knock it out of position. Secondly, the camera shutter noise directly in my ear annoyed me and also gave me a sense of pressure to get the job done. This pressure did help me a little with keeping me on track, until I turned the camera off to have some peace and quiet.

Tripod Easel

I still wanted to do the time lapse videos and thus kept pondering over what a solution might be. Then I hit upon the idea to mount the camera tripod on the easel. This configuration would allow me to work and not disturb the camera. Further, as the camera and its tripod are mounted overhead, it wasn’t taking up limited floor space in my small studio. The final bonus is the sound of the camera shutter seems to disturb me less with it above my head.

I’ll be editing a video soon about how I set this up, including what software I use.

Stay tuned.

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