Robert Venosa Interviews Peter Gric

After spending time in the Liminal Village at the Boom Festival where he was exhibiting, Robert Venosa made his way over to Vienna. Here he paid a visit to my friend Peter Gric, who he sat down with and discussed his artwork and a little about Fantastic and Visionary art movement.

The video of that meeting of two great artists was only recently made available on the internet.

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5 comments on “Robert Venosa Interviews Peter Gric
  1. Otto Rapp says:

    Interesting – having met Peter this summer, it’s all the more so!
    I think our ‘movement’ is starting to gel and evolve. Dreams become reality, and the Dreamers shall rule!
    Being an avid collector, I took the embed code and will spread this further (my website, blog, etc).

  2. Leo says:

    Share and share alike Otto, I’m passing the video on to others by showing it, so more than happy that you blog it. I’m more interested in people being informed than grabbing any kudos. So I guess I too am an avid collector.

    I’m very excited how many connections are being made and how this nebulous cloud is coalescing. It is a time of great potential. It is a time for action and co-operation.

    Dream a dream of being
    Live that you are seeing
    From a dream to a deed
    So your vision is done

  3. Leo says:

    Well, it now seems Roberto doesn’t want to share his video with us. 8(

  4. Otto Rapp says:

    I don’t know what’s up with the vimeo video being set to “private” – this screwed me up also, since I had embedded the video on the Visionary Art Network. But the same is available on YouTube here:
    Robert Venosa and Peter Gric Interview, which I am in the process of adding to my collection.

  5. Leo says:

    Thanks for that tip Otto. I’ve replaced the video. 8)

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