Interdimensional Art Show 2009 Tour

6th Annual Interdimensional Art Show 2009

6th Annual Interdimensional Art Show 2009

As hinted in my previous post, “Exhibitions in Germany” there were other exhibitions pending. I can now confirm that I have been included in the 6th Annual Interdimensional Art Show 2009 Tour. The event is produced by Tribe13 and Starborne who have produced other wonderful events featuring underground electronic music, ritual theatre and fire, thematic and elaborate environments.

The event will tour the following cities:

  • San Francisco,USA, May 3,Temple Niteclub
  • Montreal,Canada, May 9th at the Pound
  • Seattle,USA, May 23, Columbia City Theater
  • Eugene,USA, June 5, hanging for a month long show at Fenario Gallery

Showcased are original artwork from the ever growing visionary community.

Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, A.Andrew Gonzalez, Pablo Amaringo, Kris Davidson, Carey Thompson, Ka, Andrew Jones, Amanda Sage, Mark Henson, Luke Brown, Roman Villagrana, Xavi, Chris Dyer, David Heskin, Eric Nez, Aloria Weaver, Raul Casillas, Leo Plaw, Satoshi Sakamoto, Imago Dei, Lindy Kehoe, Andreas One, Nate Valensky, Phidelity, Mathew Poplawski, Nemo, Jacob Aman, Andy Thomas (android), Simon Haiduk

This will be the first time I have exhibited in North America, with much thanks to my good friend Delvin Solkinson who has been instrumental in securing my participation and a number of other artists.

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