Chimeria 2010 Catalogue

Chimeria Catalouge - my page

Chimeria Catalouge – my page

Chimeria Festival 2010 Catalogue

Chimeria Festival 2010 Catalogue

My paintings arrived back in Berlin this week from the Chimeria Festival in France for our Fantastic Visions exhibition at Colory Gallery, Berlin. It’s been a non stop journey for my paintings since I took them to Vienna for the Irresistible Flow of Time exhibition at Galerie 10. Now what hasn’t been sold is back together here in Berlin alongside the amazing artwork of Dennis Konstantin and Micha Krebs.

While unpacking my Chimeria paintings, I discovered two copies of the Chimeria exhibition catalogue. It looks fantastic. It printed on good quality paper and full of wonderful artwork. I can only imagine how the actual exhibition actually looked. There are quite a few artists included that I know personally; Peter Gric, Satoshi Sakamoto, Hugues Gillet, Claus Brusen, Martina Hoffmann and Hector Toro.

It is another publication that will proudly sit in my bookshelf.

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