Custom Picture Frames


Sometimes it is good to get out of the city, especially when it does not breath. My artist friend Peter Gric lives in a very idyllic location in the Austrian countryside, about an hours drive out of Vienna. So I made good my escape and spent time out on the land with him.

while I was there I gave him a hand and learnt how to prepare and finish his picture frames. This was a valuable lesson for me because I had been recently playing with golding materials in some of my paintings. The practice I made with his frames was invaluable. I now also now how to do my own frames.

The trickiest thing is to get the golding metal to lay flat and not tear or fold. It was certainly challenging. A super still environment is required, along with a very steady hand.

While I am please with my earlier attempts at framing, and the effect was interesting, I do prefer this much more. It has a higher class finish.

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