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Forest Studio

For the past week I have had the good fortune to be away from everything at a remote location in the rainforested hills near Byron Bay Australia. I have been working out of a forest studio at the Wildlife Mountain Sanctuary. In this very peaceful location run by close friends, I have had the chance to unwind and work further on a painting that I started at the Earth Frequency Festival.

At Wildlife Mountain, sick, injured or orphaned Australian wildlife is taken into care until they are ready to be released back into the wild. The tireless work of the carers is sadly not funded by the government. Expensive veterinary treatment, transport, food and many long long hours are borne by the volunteers of the WIRES network.

My friends and their network also provide information and education about how to live alongside their native inhabitants.

Wildlife Mountain is not open to the public to visit as it is not a zoo, but is a place of healing and recuperation for animals that have often suffered from human contact.

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