by Leo

Acrylics Paints Faster?

January 13, 2015 in Artwork, Painting, Studio, Technique by Leo

Every couple of years I give acrylic paints another go. After all, mastering anything comes down to practice. A number of my artist friends rave about acrylics and how fast they dry and allow you to keep working without having to wait.

by Leo

Tipping Point – Bringing the Painting to Completion

March 30, 2011 in Artwork, Painting, Technique, Work in Progress by Leo

I sit on my comfy studio sofa and contemplate the day’s work at the easel. “When do I know when a painting is finished?”, I’ve often been asked.

by Leo

The Value of Your Tone

January 1, 2011 in Essays, Painting, Technique by Leo

Via Chet Zar on Twitter I read a very illuminating and insightful article, “Grey Matter” by Matthew Innis, on managing tonal values in your paintings.

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