Month: March 2020

How the Coronavirus Lockdown is Turning Into a Business Shutdown

Returned Art Mail

One small step after another, things are becoming tighter. Because of Coronavirus restrictions, post is no longer being delivered to certain countries.

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Why I Said No to Patreon and Yes to My Own Membership Website

No Patreon

Why I said no to Patreon and yes to my own membership website.

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The Big Leap

"The Big Leap", Leo Plaw, 80 x 100cm, oil on canvas

Mass panic is like a game of follow the leader over the edge of a cliff. The result will be unpleasant.

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“The Big Leap”, Leo Plaw, 80 x100cm, oil on canvas
Original available.

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Figure 54 – Graphite Drawing

"Figure 54 - Graphite Drawing", Leo Plaw, 21 x 30cm, graphite pencil on paper

Here we are at the end of February, and here is my last drawing for #Figuary2020. This is number 14 in the series, which means I’ve averaged roughly a drawing every two days.

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