Year: 2007

Contemporary, Contemptuous, or Conceited?

The “art establishment” once again shows how inane and conceited it is by awarding £25,000 to Mark Wallinger for a shaky 154 minute long video of a man walking around a gallery in a bear costume. He is prize winner

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Dali Museum

This month, Anja Brinkmann and I went to the Dalí Museum in Figueres, Spain. We hired a car and drove north from Barcelona. We were both excited to see the museum. Having wound our way through the tiny streets of

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Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein

Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein by Charlie Parker On Lines and Colors I found a post about Roy Lichtenstein by Charlie Parker. Now I did a small amount of study on Lichtenstein for my high school art, and of course have seen

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International Fantastic Art Association and Shoji Tanaka

How I met Shoji Tanaka the director of the International Fantastic Art Association. His group is dedicated to creating opportunities for Japanese fantastic artists and ultimately bringing them to the wider world

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New Studio – London

Ok, so it’s not so new, I’ve been here for four months now, but it still feels new to me. After being practically homeless for the past year since I left Berlin, I finally have settled down to paint again,

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THE CRYPTOPEDIA: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange, and Downright Bizarre

My artwork makes an appearance in a new publication: THE CRYPTOPEDIA: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange, and Downright Bizarre by Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry and David F. Kramer Citadel Press, $16.95 / 320 pages / ISBN-13: 978-0806528199

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Panorama Museum – Werner Tübke

This week I travelled with my girlfriend Anja Brinkmann to the Panorama Museum in Bad Frankenhausen, Germany. I had discovered the museum on the internet, and became interested when I noted some of the artists that had been exhibited there.

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Sophia – Work in Progress

Sophia, a feminine figure, analogous to the human soul but also simultaneously one of the Feminine aspects of God and the Bride of Christ.

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Katie Noonan – Skin

Katie Noonan, old friend of mine from my home town Brisbane, is soon to be releasing her new album, "Skin". It's been truly wonderful to watch her career grow. And her voice…

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Steven Bowerman and Nim’s Island

My good friend Steven Bowerman has recenly had some great opportunities come his way. I've writen an article for about how he came to be now working on the movie production "Nim's Island ".

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Rosaleen Norton – Visonary Occult Artist

I made wrote an entry for the Fantastic Visions website on one of my favourite artists, Rosaleen Norton, the “Witch of Kings Cross”. She was my original inspiration to render my visions. She had awed me content of her work,

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Galerie 10: Group Exhibition

My good friends, Luigi La Speranza , Amanda Sage and Peter Gric are exhibiting with Wessi currently at Galerie 10, Vienna, Austria.

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beinArt Blog

My good friend Jon Beinart and I have been working away in the background of to bring about it's next feature, that being a blog. The blog uses WordPress because of its flexibility and extensibility thanks to the myriad

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Kris Kuksi at Strychnin Gallery

It’s Friday the 13th, and I find myself at the Strychnin Gallery, Berlin for the opening of Kris Kuksi’s exhibition

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Art of Imagination

I attended the opening of the annual Art of Imagination exhibition at Mall Galleries. There I met again one very tired Brigid Marlin, just recently back (and jet lagged) from a show in New York. I had her and Laurie

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Metamorphosis has emerged from its chrysalis in the form of a Hard Cover Art Book with a Dust Jacket, 112 A4 gloss pages, with 122 High res plates. The book features a number of well known artists such as Alex Grey, Chet Zar, Andrew Gonzalez, and Ernst Fuchs.

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Rardy Van Soest and the Fantastic Art Museum

One of the wonderful consequences of working with Jon Beinart on his project, is that I've met some very interesting people. Of those is numbered Rardy Van Soest. I was initially made aware of his existence by De Es

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At the Easel

After a year of virtually no painting, owing to my travelling between Berlin and London often, I am painting again. With the Art of Imagination exhibition coming up, I'm aiming to finish this work for it.

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The Cryptopedia: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange and Downright Bizarre

In August, Citadel Press will release The Cryptopedia: A Dictionary of the Weird, Strange and Downright Bizarre, by Jonathan Maberry. The book contains essays and dictionary chapters on UFOs, New Age, Cryptozoology, Hauntings. The book also includes artwork, from an

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Return to the Source

I spent a hectic but thoroughly enjoyable time in Vienna over December, staying with my good friend and colleague Amanda Sage ( She was very gracious to allow me the use of her studio, and so for the first time

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