Month: April 2020

Nyctophilia – the Love of Darkness

Nyctophilia - the Love of Darkness

Nyctophilia – the love of darkness or night, or feeling like you belong in the dark.

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Hard Soft Lost Edges

Hard Soft Lost Edges

Edges in art refer to the transition between two shapes of colour or value. Edges are strongly related to value! Edges are defined as either, hard, soft or lost.

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Divided Values

Divided Values

When considering the values of an image, we divide them into two camps, light and shadow, that which is directly receiving light and that which is not.

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Values That Make Sense

Values do all of the work, but colour gets all of the credit.

The illusion of realism in an image is dependent upon the correct organisation of values. A value is how light or dark a portion of an image is, whether monochrome or colour, in relation to the rest of the image.

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Goodbye Rembrandt!

"Rembrandt 1655", Leo Plaw, 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas

Goodbye Rembrandt! It was a pleasure to have you watch over my studio, my struggles, my progress and triumphs. Now Rembrandt is off to a new home in another country, thankfully one that is still accepting post.

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Keep Calm Carry On Painting

Keep calm carry on painting

We are all facing challenges right now. Events unprecedented in world history are seeing us quarantined, locked down and isolated. How do we deal with this?

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