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Group Think – the Submersion of Identity

Submersion of Identity

Losing one’s identity in that of the group has consequences for the individual and that of the society in which the individual lives. The danger is that of becoming possessed by an idea and thus a mere clone of the group think.

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Keep Calm Carry On Painting

Keep calm carry on painting

We are all facing challenges right now. Events unprecedented in world history are seeing us quarantined, locked down and isolated. How do we deal with this?

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That Was 2019, Here Comes 2020!

That Was 2019, Here Comes 2020!

So that was 2019, and now 2020 is upon us. Here’s my best of 9 artworks for 2019. I’m looking forward to producing more this coming year.

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Change – Beginnings and Endings

At the threshold, on the eve of, when life morphs into something else, do you stand and hesitate or do you dive headlong in, or will life push you?

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Learning Benefits of Collaborative Drawing

Collaborative Drawing

Research article about the learning benefits of collaborative drawing. It demonstrates the serious application that the arts, especially the collaborative arts can have in other fields of human endeavour.

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Painting – Axis Mundi – Carl Jung – Quote

Axis Mundi

It is said a picture tells a thousand words, and the quote from Carl Jung is but a few that I can add to my latest painting “Axis Mundi”.

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