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Fantasmus Exhibits the Society for the Art of Imagination

June 29, 2008 in Artwork, Exhibition, News by Leo

Fantasmus Presents the Society for the Art of Imagination

Fantasmus Presents the Society for the Art of Imagination

I am very pleased to announce my inclusion in the exhibition:

Fantasmus Exhibits the Society for the Art of Imagination, 13th July – 30th August.

I will be exhibiting my artwork titled “Manifest”.

The exhibition features 37 AOI artists.

Jane Andrews – Lee Banham – Mette Agerbo Bendtsen – Leonard Brett – Claus Brusen – Rachel Carro – Michelle Clare – Annebelle Claudia – Michel de Saint Ouen – Val Dyshlov – Eike Erzmoneit – Diana Hesketh – Magda Francot – Artur Golacki – Igor Grechanyk – Nezir Korkmaz – Oleg Korolev – Ktisztina Lazar – Samuel Lightwing – Jack Lipowczan – Brigid Marlin – Catherina McCartney – Rodica Miller – Voytek Nowakowski – Sheila Nursten – Silvia Pastore – Lindsey Pickett – Leo Plaw – Frank Pudney – Regina Rayzvikh – Russ Revock – Carol Spicuzza – Olga Spiegel – Anthony Tiffin – Miguel Tio – Aleta Welling – Ulysses G. Whitehouse

Daniel from Galerie Princesse de Kiev in Nice, will attend the opening to choose who he think he can promote in the south of France. The exhibition will be attended by gallerists and museum curators. This is also the peak time of the tourist season, so Saeby will be crowded with people, so the exhibition is expected to be popular.

Entrance price is 50,000 Kr.

Society for the Art of Imagination


Ph: +45 98 40 98 60
Mob: +45 20 12 24 20

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Chet Zar

June 15, 2008 in Artist, Artwork, beinArt, Exhibition, Friends, Galleries Museums, Painting, Publications by Leo

Chet Zar at Strychnin Gallery, London.

Chet Zar at Strychnin Gallery, London.

I seem to recall attending another Strychnin Gallery opening previously on Friday the 13th. However on this occassion I was there to see Chet Zar‘s exhibition “Ugly American”. Arriving early I had a chance to take in all of the exhibition and meet a few people, including the artist himself.

I found Chet to be a very warm, open and friendly soul. He’s nothing like his paintings. As he puts it, his intent with his paintings is to reflect back the ugliness he sees around himself in Los Angeles. He’s worked extensively in the movie industry. He had found it rewarding, but now is very happy to progressing to a life as a full time painter, as he did not enjoy the ugly side of Hollywood. This I surmize has given him endless inspiration for his artwork.

I whipped out a copy of Metamorphosis for him to sign for Jon Beinart and myself. My bag went home a little heavier as I also purchased a catalogue of Chet’s artwork. There was also a hard bound limited edition, but this was a little beyond my budget for the moment.

Laurie Lipton who will also be exhibiting with Strychnin Gallery again in Berlin, also attended the opening. So it was a very social evening talking to the artists, other guests, Yasha Young (the gallery owner) and her lovely staff.

Some of Chet's paintings at the Strychnin exhibition.

Some of Chet's paintings at the Strychnin exhibition.

Chet’s artwork glowed, although the themes were monsters. He indicated that the colour theme was different to what he usually works with. He went on to explain that he was inspired by a dream with incredibly luminescent colours. It is always interesting seeing the real personality of a painting. The layering, brush strokes, technique, all of the things that are lost in four colour process printing or a digital image on a website. The image is always flattened. It was therefore a real joy to see the detail and masterful layering of Chet’s original artwork.

The night lengthened with the conversations, and eventually closing time arrived. Having already been engaged in a number of stimulating conversations, Chet, his friends, myself and mine, all trooped off to a local bar in the Truman Brewery around the corner. This lasted for one drink, until a bright spark pointed out that there were lonely beers waiting for us back at the gallery.

With a less distracting atmosphere, we settled on the gallery floor until the early hours of the morning for further existential and philosophical discussions.

We all eventually parted ways, leaving Chet to bed down in the guest room at the gallery, and ourselves to seek our repose. Did we all dream of monsters that night, or of the comrade in paint?

You can see Chet’s works for yourself at Strychnin Gallery London, 65 Hanbury Street, London E1 5J, UK.

Photos by Iris Bitter of Strychnin Gallery.

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Peter Gric Catalogue

June 14, 2008 in Artist, Artwork, Friends, Publications by Leo

Peter Gric CatalogueMy good friend Peter Gric has
released a catalogue of 55 paintings from 1990 to 2008. I was very honoured that he sent me a copy of his catalogue. We had been discussing Print on Demand (POD) as an option for getting our artwork in to print.

While the catalogue is not an offset print coffee table book, I find it good, as did other artists, Brigid Marlin and Laurie Lipton. I think Peter's bold move has been a source of inspiration for others.

I have an earlier catalogue from Peter and I am very pleased to have this latest one in my collection as it shows the range of themes he has worked with up until now.

The catalogue
format is 21 × 29cm, paperback, with 68 digitally printed pages. The
Catalogue can be ordered via the Lulu Marketplace and costs €20.

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