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James Gleeson – Australian Surrealist – Dies Aged 92

November 21, 2008 in Artist by Leo

James Gleeson I sadly discovered last night that James Gleeson, Australia’s foremost surrealist painter passed away last month, aged 92. Gleeson was an early inspiration and influence on my own
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by Leo

Madeline Von Foerster – Waldkammer – Strychnin Gallery Exhibition

November 8, 2008 in Artist, Artwork, Exhibition, Galleries Museums, Painting by Leo

With much anticipation that I awaited Madeline Von Foerster’s exhibition at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. Her “Waldkammer” series consists of nine paintings that explore humanity’s often destructive relationship with nature, executed in the manner of the Old Masters.

by Leo

Berliner Kunstsalon and Contemporary Art

November 2, 2008 in Art Establishment, Contemporary Art, Events, Exhibition by Leo

In the beginning the Berliner Kunstsalon exhibited much fresh and interesting artwork from many of the local artists who were marginalized in the Berlin art market. However since then it has transformed into the same banal copycat pap seen at all of the other art fairs.

by Leo

Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

November 1, 2008 in Artwork, Drawing, Events by Leo

Tired of life drawing? Tired of drawing the same potatoes that recline on a couch? On Saturday Anja and I sought out different schooling for our figure drawing needs. We enrolled in Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, closeted away in a small club, hidden from street view, in the Graefekiez of Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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