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Diego Velázquez – Portrait Study

"Diego Velázquez", Leo Plaw, 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas

After Rembrandt left the studio, I needed some one else to keep watch over things. So the Spanish painter to the court of King Phillip IV, Diego Velázquez (1599 – 1660) was it.

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Don’t Bank on Your Banksy

Banksy Shred

So Banksy does it again. One of his artworks shredded itself the moment it was sold on Auction at Sotheby’s.

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When They Leave Home

Rembrand on the easel

I usually don’t get that attached to my paintings. I just sold my Rembrandt portrait. I must admit a certain amount of reluctance because, I enjoy having the old chap around the studio.

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Castle Ruins

I’ve explored a few ruined castles now and Emmerberg would have to be one of the best.

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White Water Wandering with Schwarza Sailors

A cold mountain river cleaves its way between two massive mountains, etching its course into a deeper gorge with each passing aeon. For a brief moment in that expanse of time Peter Gric and I navigated our way along its twisting course.

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Studio with a View

Country Studio

This is my studio view at the moment. I’m out of the city for awhile at Peter Gric’s house in the country.

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My Summer Studio

The mountains, forest and cold rivers are my Summer studio.

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Mariner Painting Development

I did things a bit differently this time around. I marked out the drawing on the canvas in ink rather than pencil and I also blocked in some of the shadows to force me to concentrate on the values of the painting.

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Shadow Play with Pencils

a play of light and shadow… starting drawing time again

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Change – Beginnings and Endings

At the threshold, on the eve of, when life morphs into something else, do you stand and hesitate or do you dive headlong in, or will life push you?

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On the Turps

On the Turps

A rant about the does and don’ts of what media to mix and not mix with your oil paint.

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No Rest for the Wicked

With the last painting only just finished and barely dry, I’ve started two more straight away.

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A New Home

This painting has just found a new home with one of my biggest collectors.

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Taking Things in Hand

Many people talk with their hands, adding extra emphasis to their verbal communication.

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Work in Progress 2017-03-02

Work in Progress

New beginnings… work in progress, finally starting a larger work again.

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Dreams and Dedication are a Powerful Combination.

Hopes and dreams, do we live them, can we live them? When results are not forthcoming, then what?

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The Beauty of Simplicity

The beauty and freedom of simplicity, how sometimes, less is more.

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Look Up

Look up! There is often something to wonder at.

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Landscape 2017-01-07

While I am working on the compositions for new figurative works, I did this landscape.

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Framed Ready to Go

Here she is, all framed up and ready to go. Dali had said, “A painting is finished when it is sold and paid for.” A framed artwork is very close to that for me.

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